30 Actionable Content Marketing Tips for Digital Marketers

Content marketing has been growing exponentially in popularity and there are now over 500 million blogs on the Internet (1.6 billion websites, but only half a billion identify as blogs). As with any great marketing channel, content marketing has become saturated and is less effective in 2019 than it was ten years ago.

So should we just give up now? Well, if you don’t leverage content marketing you will not only be missing out on a lot of leads, but you will also be swallowed up by the competition that knows how to leverage it effectively.

Even though the days of content mills are long gone, there are other, much more valuable ways to leverage content marketing. We are going to give you some insider tips that not only prove that content marketing still works, but that it continues to be one of the strongest strategies to drive conversions.

In this post, I've provided 30 effective and actionable tips to not only get the most out of your content marketing, but to take your performance up to the next level.

1) Check for Grammatical Errors

Not only do you look a little silly to your potential customers if you can’t spell (particularly with spellcheck on every platform from Word and Google docs to WordPress), but you may also see a drop in rankings. Google wants to deliver authoritative results and nothing makes you look less authoritative than having misspellings and grammatical errors throughout your content.

But what if you're not a writer? Try a content writing service like EssayGeeks. If you're a decent writer but just need some help to improve, install Grammarly, a tool that will help you with everything from emails to blog writing:

2) Write Relevant and Actionable Content

In order to be a great marketer and business owner, you must first understand your customer. Regardless of the niche you are in, you should know your customer’s problems and pain points like the back of your hand.

And to truly develop a piece of content around your customer’s pain point, make sure that it is actionable. Are you giving them the specific steps and tools they need? Could you take this piece of content and replicate the steps? If you don’t think you could carry out the advice in the article, you haven’t finished it yet.

3) Develop Content Marketing Goals

A shocking statistic from a study done by CoSchedule shows that 26% of marketers don’t even have a marketing goal. Of those that do, only about half are meeting their goals fairly often.

Noah Kagan of AppSumo often speaks about having one company goal. So before completing any task throughout the day, he asks: “Is this task going to get us closer to our company goal?” If the answer is no, don’t do it.

Now that you have the company goal in mind, what are you trying to accomplish by creating and promoting your content? Is it brand awareness? More sales in the next quarter? From there, you can pick a topic and map out the piece.

4) Offer FREE Value through Your Content

Do you know what most of today’s consumers want? They want to hear the word “free.” Think about how many of your friends like to brag about the great bargain they just got. The same goes for your customers. While most marketers and brands are asking for money in return, you can offer free tools and high-quality information to build your brand.

If Neil Patel can provide an entire tool for free (Ubersuggest, a keyword research tool – and not some cheap thing that barely does its job!), that’s a pretty good indication that there is an ROI on free value:

Consider offering your own valuable content (like an in-depth, downloadable guide) for free or building your own useful tool, like Neil did. We created ClickFlow, a tool that lets you to test the effectiveness of each page (or groups of pages) to increase your organic traffic without the hassle of building links or writing more content.

5) Use Content to Drive Leads into Your Sales Funnel

Content marketing is one of the most crucial aspects of a sales funnel. From pulling customers into that initial stage (TOFU) with specific content pieces to getting them to click the “buy” button on the sales page, content is everything.

Start by creating amazing content that drives awareness, whether that is a video, blog post or infographic. Within this content, make sure that you are enticing the reader to move into the next stage of the funnel (MOFU). This could be by asking for an email address before providing access to gated content. Continue to be aware of how your prospect is feeling at each stage in your marketing funnel and adjust your copy to reflect that: