GREAT Digital Tips to Expand the presence and reach of your brand

In a world where tools like Google Analytics let you track the conversion rate of each page of your website, and platforms like Facebook Ads and Google AdWords let you bid for leads and sales, it’s understandable that many marketers forget about the value of branding.

Branding is the oft-ignored side of digital marketing -- a strategy that produces real results over the course of months, years and decades instead of minutes, hours and days. It’s slow, traditional and long-term -- three characteristics that make it a digital outlier.

While branding doesn’t produce the immediate results of a PPC campaign, it’s one of the most valuable marketing assets around. An established, trusted brand can bring new customers into your business in huge numbers, propelling you to the top of your industry.

Luckily, taking the first steps towards building a trusted brand for your business isn’t as difficult as it might seem. Below, we’ve listed seven tips to help you establish, expand and strengthen your digital brand presence as a B2B or B2C company.

Become a content authority in your industry

One of the most effective ways to establish and strengthen your brand is through content.

Whether it’s blog or video content, the most well-known brands tend to be the ones with lots of engaging, authoritative content. Content is a great way to define your brand as one that’s interested in helping and teaching people at no cost.

In B2C, brands like Red Bull use video content to generate millions of impressions, all of which have a positive effect on brand recognition. Red Bull’s top YouTube videos have reached tens of millions of people -- reach that would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars using paid media.

Since 2006, Red Bull has used video content to generate almost 1.5 billion impressions across its total library of videos.

Each of these impressions is an advertisement for Red Bull’s brand -- one that viewers are very unlikely to forget. Whenever someone reads your blog post, views your video, or listens to you on a podcast, they’ll develop a stronger impression of your company.

While Red Bull’s videos are spectacular, content doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive to be effective. An engaging, interesting blog post can generate tens of thousands of impressions, all at a very low cost.

Content also has a complementary effect on SEO, with engaging content attracting links as well as pageviews. This makes it a great long-term strategy for brand strengthening while also improving your website’s search visibility.

Use Facebook and Twitter ads to promote content

Creating great content is a great way to strengthen and expand your brand presence, but it will produce few results if no-one can find it.

Platforms like Facebook Ads and Twitter Ads are invaluable tools for content promotion. Both allow you to reach a large, highly targeted audience of people likely to respond positively to your brand.

Using Facebook Ads, you can target people who like similar products and companies to your own, helping you reach a highly responsive audience. Twitter’s ad platform even lets you target the audiences of specific brands and people:

This means that you can promote your content to an extremely specific audience, limiting your reach to the people most likely to read and respond to your content. In effect, you can add to your brand without ever reaching people who are unlikely to become customers.

While Facebook Ads and Twitter require some testing, both can be extremely cost-effective brand development channels once your campaign is “dialed in.” If you’ve never advertised on Twitter, our guide to Twitter ads for startups and small businesses is a great place to begin.