Instagram SEO: How to Optimize Instagram Account for SEO in 2021

Are you looking for ways to reach new audiences on Instagram? Wondering whether adding a touch of SEO could get more people to discover your brand on the social network?

It’s fair to say that we, social media marketers, don’t have it too easy when it comes to getting our brands discovered. Take content marketing guys, for example. They have Google. They can optimize content for SEO.

Now, providing they’ve done it well, those pages will eventually start driving traffic from search engine results month over month.

But for us, well, we must resort to word of mouth and rely on users to share our content with their networks.

Or have we?

As it turns out, we can do some SEO too and use that marketing strategy to attract new followers.

In this post, we’ll discuss Instagram SEO in detail. We’ll also cover some of the strategies to optimize your posts and social profiles for relevant keywords.

Instagram always supported keywords. Well, to some extent, at least.

Users were always able to use them to find other Instagram profiles. As long as an account included those keywords in the Instagram profile – name, username, bio, for example – or have used it in a hashtag – users were able to discover it in the search.

The social media platform has taken its SEO capabilities to the next level recently, though.


Although Instagram SEO aims to make your content – posts, stories, photos, and videos discoverable, you have to begin by optimizing the profile.

There’s one more reason for that, besides making it discoverable – You need to ensure a good user experience to welcome new visitors and convert them into followers.

Here are some of the best ways to make it happen:

#1. Make your username searchable. It is the first thing the social platform will research against user’s keywords. So, make sure that your username is simple and contains the most relevant keyword relating to your brand or product category. Ideally, it also shouldn’t have any symbols that would confuse the audience.

#2. Include at least the essential keyword in your business name, if possible. Naturally, your brand name might not include any specific keywords. You can expand it on Instagram, though, and include additional terms beside the brand name.

#3. Finally, include a trackable link in your bio. This way, you’ll be able to monitor engagement on your profile.


Instagram SEO is a lot about including the right keywords throughout your content. So, let’s see different options to enrich what you post with various phrases Instagram users might type into the search box.

The three most common places to include keywords on Instagram are:

Your bio,

Post captions, and