Social Media Predictions for 2021

As the world struggles in the wake of pandemic, social channels continue to serve users with several opportunities for entertainment, communication, and business. Especially marketers seized the opportunity and used social media to a possible extent to reach their customers effectively.

The influence of social media will remain in the coming years as well. Therefore, we are sharing a list of top social media trends to look out for in 2021. What are they? Let us find out!


Despite the severe backlash, Facebook will continue to hold the forth in 2021 and beyond. With the introduction of Storefront for both – Instagram and Facebook, the revenue for the social channel also sees a massive boost. And will resume as new features for users ease rolls out by Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook Pay and Diem is another feature to look out for in 2021. The one-click pay protocol with various advertising opportunities makes Facebook one of the most sought-after platform for eCommerce activity.

Cross-Platform Messaging

While we have already seen a messaging merger between Instagram and Facebook, the trend will shape up as it broadens towards WhatsApp. This will not only give a boost to communication but give marketers more areas to explore and expand their advertising campaigns across all the leading social platforms.

AR Glasses

Facebook announced its ‘Project Aria’ wearable AR glasses in September with a potential release date in the second half of 2021. Alongside Facebook, Apple is also working on a similar project that is set to release at the same time.

This indicates AR eyewear to become a key addition in the tech sector as sales of Facebook’s previous AR glasses are also rising significantly in 2020.

The Rise of VR

With all major entertainment venues closed to contain the spread of coronavirus, many users are turning towards VR to fill in the gap. Of course, by those who can afford it.

However, VR devices may see a reduction in price as well by next year as Facebook and other tech giants make more accessible options for the public.


Twitter remains largely unchanged over the years and boasts stable growth as well. However, it does introduce options to compete with rivals such as Instagram and Facebook. For example, its version of Stories – the Fleets is now available for everyone and we can further expect Twitter to roll out new updates as the feature gains popularity.

Moreover, Twitter is also working on Audio Spaces, a unique audio-meet up feature. According to reports, the new feature would be like audio tweets but with a fun twist.


Instagram has become the hub of eCommerce and introduced several new features that make shopping easier from the platform. It seems like Instagram is moving away from its original roots - photography app - to become more reliant on online shopping. And it will continue developing tools and features that make shopping seamless.


Instagram introduced Reels – a clone to Tiktok but is it good enough? And does it stand at par with its rival? Most probably not!

However, we can expect Instagram to boost their Reels by introducing new features. The right influencers can also make a difference to Reels success and will help it gain more traction in several areas.