Why digital marketing should make its way onto your résumé

This digital marketing course is the key to connecting with audiences online

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As consumers transition from traditional forms of media to online channels, so must marketing strategies follow and adapt to consumer trends. Marketing professionals must know how to communicate with audiences on online platforms, and these skills have power beyond the digital marketing world. Employers are also looking for candidates with digital marketing skills such as expertise with web platforms, strategy, and design, in addition to oral and written communication skills.

Whether you’re looking to multitask at your current job or are applying for a new one elsewhere,The Digital Marketing Foundations 101 Bundle ensures that you’ll develop professional-level marketing skills for the next step of your journey. Currently, on sale, this $59.99 course bundle is well worth the investment for a more lucrative future in your career field. The course bundle features ten distinct courses that explain how to market content through different online platforms, as well as how to use tools like SEO and social media to promote your product. The “Digital Marketing Foundations 101” course is dedicated to giving users a solid foundation in digital marketing strategy, covering topics such as email marketing, building a website, integrating SEO into your overall digital strategy, digital advertising, measurement, and analytics. The “Google Analytics” course allows you to better evaluate the success of your digital marketing campaign through using Google’s free data analysis tool. The “SEO Search Engine Optimization” course explores another free marketing tactic that will drive people to your business by coming up first in web searches.

Digital marketing skills are useful for anyone promoting their brand, their business or their product online, and this thorough course covers everything in a digital marketer’s toolkit. The bundle’s discounted price of $59.99 is available for a limited time only, making this a timely investment to make in your future.

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