Digital Coaching

Digital Coaching



For those who have a handle on their business digitally or would like to learn more and keep control but need to be able to navigate and understand more areas.




Like Business Coaching but for the Digital world, Whether you’re just getting started with your business, or decades in and needing to know which steps to take to scale sustainably, our digital coaching can help with gaining clarity, confidence and direction to grow.


We can walk through everything from managing and growing social media, to managing and effectively using Paid advertising, to conducting SEO yourself, managing websites and editing them, using Canva and all topics related to the digital world.


We want to give YOU power back over your digital interests. We can also help with accountability to create consistent Digital solutions for your business.


What’s Included?


This is perfect for those in need of some guidance on all things social media, website understanding, digital tools being used, marketing etc....but aren’t sure where to begin. Our Coaching andd Consulting also provides the option to access a professional to assist you with specific questions and/or strategizing the digital or marketing plan with our guidance. A place to help fuel all those wonderful, exciting ideas whilst receiving top feedback and picking my brain to assist in developing these fabulous concepts.


Coaching is also a great top up tool for those seeking additional coaching, training or accountability following other packages you have previously utilised. We will ensure you are staying on track and reaching those goals with a four week follow up.



- Website platform used and optimisation.

- Social Media platforms used.

- What marketing plan is there at present, if any?

- Newsletter management and review.

- Social ad spend and set up discussion.

- Campaign and PPC spend.

- How to use certain digital tools like Mailchimp or Facebook pixels.

- Digital growth strategy.

- E-commerce business scaling.

- Dropshipping integration.



How Does It Work?


You will start getting leads, booking clients, selling products and growing your followers ORGANICALLY. As well as gaining clarity around what you’re doing and have peace of mind KNOWING with 100% confidence that you are focusing your precious time on the IMPORTANT things.


The time can be broken into multiple sessions instead of being used at once.


We have a few packages that suit all business owners. Once selected please follow the instructions in the email.




- 30 Min Digital Strategy Talk = $99 (One time only)


- 1 Hour Digital Coaching Session = $149 (One time Only)


- ONE 30 Min Consult Per Week (1 Month booked) = $499 Per Month

* Includes one email engagement per week.


- ONE 45 Min Consult Per Week (1 Month Booked) = $999 Per Month

* Includes two email engagements per week.


- TWO 30 Min Consults Per Week (1 Month Booked) = $1,499 Per Month

* For the business owner who wants to learn and grow and needs a digital concierge on call.


- TWO 1 Hour Consults Per Week (1 Month Booked) = $2,499 Per Month

* For the serious business owner who wants to learn and grow and needs a digital concierge on call, digital advisory and a ear to throw strategies off covering a range of topics. 


Monthly Coaching comes with a broken down list of areas we need to cover to ensure we stick to a clearly defined agenda. It is tailored to your needs and understanding. 


Please Note: This is business coaching and is highly practical with tactics and strategies to implement immediately to launch or grow your business. It is not life coaching.


* TURNAROUND TIME: Once Purchased we will begin within 5-7 days due to waitlist. 

*All coaching services are conduted between the hours of 9am to 3pm Monday to Friday (AWST)

    • You need to email us a list of business objectices, current platforms used and social handles used as well as all digital resources in use. This will help us gain an understanding of where your business is at present. 
    • All consults are carried out digitally by eithier ZOOM Call, WhatsApp call or Video or standard phone calls.