E-Commerce Website

E-Commerce Website



Be apart of the future of retail! 


Here's what our E-Commerce Website Development includes. If there's something you need from your new website that isn't listed here, let us know.




STEP ONE: Select the website package you would like.

STEP TWO: Go Online!!!



- Standard Themes

- Domain set up.

- Hosting and server set up.

- Payment Gateways

- Developing a new website, ultra-modern, fast and mobile optimized site, all connected to the latest features.

- Product and shop integration.

- Product uploading.

- SSL Site security.

- Initial SEO Optimized for the keywords required.

- Blog set up and integrated.

- Newsletter and subscriber plugin for ongoing data collection.

- Clear call to action and connecting to social feeds.

- Chat bot integrated.

- Google Analytics and business set up.

- Web Editor features.

- Terms, Privacy and Return Policies.


Basic Configuration:

- Customisation of Store Settings to match your business details.

- Selling location restrictions implemented (if required).

- Product Setting configuration including; stock management options, add to cart behaviour, product reviews.

- Flat Rate Shipping set up.

- Shipping Weight & Size Calculation integration (doesn’t include adding individual shipping options)

- Free Shipping configured for your chosen criteria.

- Coupon Code integration. (doesn’t include adding coupons)

- Secure Payment configuration for PayPal, Stripe & AfterPay.


Automatically Generated Store Pages:

- Product Title

- Feature Images

- Short Description

- Price

- Category & Tag

- Category Pages to display the Products from each Category.

- Shopping Cart Page to display products your customer has added to their cart.

- Checkout Page to allow your customers to finalise and pay for their orders.

- Customer Account Profile allowing your customers to manage their orders etc.

Setup of basic Menu Navigation + 2 Pages (HOME PRODUCTS ABOUT US CONTACT)


If customisations or Content needs to be uploaded to any of the above Pages, it will be counted as one Custom Page from the Website Inclusions.


All Content must be provided. Product Uploads:

- Uploading of individual simple Products to your Store which includes:

- One Featured Image

- One Gallery Image

- Up to THREE Categories & Tags

- Short Description

- Detailed Description

- Price


WEBSITE PACKAGES: Select on the DROPDOWN Box what you would like.


- 1- 5 PRODUCTS: $1,999 (The Starter) 

- 5- 10 PRODCUTS: $2,999 (The Scaler) 

- 10-20 PRODUCTS: $4,499 (The Sleek)

- 20-50 PRODUCTS: $8,999 (The Serious) 

  • No.  We have you choose from one of our Themes.  This acts as a Live Demo so you can see how the website will function and feel.  Keep in mind while looking at the Themes that all text, images, colours and fonts will be customised according to your specs.