Social Media Management $499 / month

Social Media Management $499 / month



To give you time management back.


$499 + GST Per Month x3 Months = $1,497

* Minimum 3 Month Engagement ONLY to maximise the opportunity and create a consistent and clear strategy. 

(Billed in 3 Month Blocks) 


Our Social Media Management Packages begin at a very affordable Basic Package to a Customised Complete Social Media Control (Price Upon Request), depending on your level of requirement.


You will never have to worry about making time to do that post, ever again. This will give you more time to focus on the areas of your business that you enjoy.


What’s Included? 


SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT (INSTAGRAM + FACEBOOK):(Additional platforms added on for an extra $99/per week TWITTER + LINKEDIN + PINTEREST)


- 3-5 Unique Posts per week for each channel incl hashtags

2-3 Stories per week on Instagram.

- Monthly Report

- This package is only for posting. No growth is guaranteed.

- We do not comment or like at any time. This responsibiity will still fall on you. 

- Once we have created your monthly content calendar it will be sent via email and Google Sheet for approval and copy reading and once approved it will be scheduled in.

- From here we do not add ad-hoc posts UNLESS agreed prior in writing. 


This package EXCLUDES GRAPHIC Design but this package can be added as per below. 



1. You must friend request and add us as an admin or editor of your page OR provide credentials. 

2. You must have connected Facebook and Instagram already.

3. You must provide content and copy pillars at all times.

4. You must provide an image or an image idea assosiated with each post. 



$499 + GST Per Month x3 Months = $1,497

* Minimum 3 Month Engagement ONLY. 

* Graphic design can be added to this social management plan. PLEASE SELECT from the drop down box how many you prefer and it will be added to the plan. 


* TURNAROUND TIME: Please allow 5 Days to create the month schedule and set up, there will be delays if we do not have the info as above and we will not extend days if we miss any due to failure to send what we need above.

    Add Graphic Design Images
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